Booklet maker converts paper to your product design

Making and packing paper booklets was never as easy as it is with the Imatec RYO booklet maker and packer. This booklet making and packing line is designed to handle different paper thicknesses, types and sizes, convert it into delicate interleaved paper booklets and place a set of booklets in a display box. 

The variety of options enables every producer to design its own specific product, to seduce its target customers. 

Flexible and changeable packing in the booklet platform

With format kits every booklet machine has the ability to change the machine from one size to the other, even handling different kinds of paper thicknesses, paper sizes and paper types. The finished booklets can be packed into various sizes and layers of carton displays. All of this gives you the opportunity to support whatever the market demands are.

Modular platform for partly automation

Imatec builds every booklet platform in a modular way. Therefor it is possible to automate the production process only partly. This can be done, for example, to launch a new product on the market, without investing in a full solution in an early stage. A customer can choose only to make bundles of sheets on the platform and manually pack the bundles in booklets.

Booklet maker and packer tobacco paper

Booklet making meeting the high quality needs of today's market

The method of cutting and packing will give stability in line output where every single booklet lives up to the high quality needs of today’s market. The speed ranges gives the possibility to start with a basic speed of 160 booklets per minute where speeds upgrade packages support your future needs. Basic and maximum speed limits will variate, depending on booklet sizes and options integrated in the platform.

Start small, integrate additional modules later in basic platform

The setup of the line is in such a way that it is possible to start with the first base module(s), once the needs for higher capacity or more automated production of the RYO booklet making is required, the machine can be upgraded and extended with additional components, thus making it a full automated production line.

Modular platform for high-speed paper booklet making and packing

Extra commodities to make every booklet brand stand out

The integration with additional modules or packing machinery give a lot of opportunity for extra commodities like, adhesive labels, branding, special combination of booklets, special closing options, tipping paper or acetate filter tips and special printing for track-and-trace or discourage counterfeiting. The base of the machine can be used in such a way that future product developments and marketing solutions can be easily integrated.

Limited use of floor space with Imatec booklet maker and packer

The RYO booklet maker is a very compact machine platform. On a limited space and with limited use of operators, the booklet making and packing line is running smoothly. Footprint is dependable on the amount of bobbins in use and the integration of additional modules.

Technical data of the Imatec booklet maker and packer

  • Basic speed: 160-200 booklets per minute (speed upgrade packages available)
  • Additional modules: F.e. adhesive labels, tipping paper, printing, cut-corners, special closing options (like small flap or slip-in)
  • Paper sheets per booklet: from 30 up to 75 sheets (plus promotional first sheet, warning x-to-go sheet, cardboard)
  • Grammage of paper: from 12.5 up to 24 gsm
  • Paper types: white, unbleached, organic, hemp (others on demand)
  • Booklet dimensions:
    - paper width: from 36 up to 62 mm
    - paper length: from 69 up to 110 mm

Other requests?

The engineers of Imatec are experienced in designing new options and possibilities with the Booklet platform. Any special request will be considered.